Program Services

Academic Advisor

Seawolf Scholars provides holistic advising to students throughout their undergraduate enrollment. The advisor is available to assist students with not only academic related items, but also concerns regarding housing, financial aid, and balancing college with personal life. Additionally, advising will support students by introducing them to campus services, leadership opportunities, and social activities to help Seawolf Scholar students feel connected to SSU.

Community Building & Events

Seawolf Scholars hosts events and workshops for students to engage in throughout the academic year. Events are designed to help students build a community and network of support as well as connect with their fellow Seawolf Scholar peers.

Priority Housing

Seawolf Scholars who meet REACH (housing office) deadlines are guaranteed priority housing, and are able to live on-campus throughout their attendance at Sonoma State. Additionally, Seawolf Scholars are eligible to remain in their campus housing during the Winter Break campus closure at no extra cost.

Priority Registration

Seawolf Scholars are eligible for priority registration. This provides students with the increased likelihood of timely graduation and successful degree completion. *To receive priority registration, students are required to meet with the Seawolf Scholars Coordinator at least once per semester to review their academic plan.

Resource Referral

Seawolf Scholars provides referrals to resources both on and off campus to help support students with tutoring/academics, financial aid, housing, food, mental and physical health, etc. Seawolf Scholars can also work closely with students and their County of origin to help facilitate the transitioning of services, so that foster youth are fully supported.

Scholarship Assistance

SWS Coordinator also helps connect students to on and off campus scholarship opportunities. Seawolf Scholars are also able to apply to the critical needs fund as unexpected or emergency expenses arise. Accessing this fund allows students to remain focused on school instead of overworking themselves to pay bills or unexpected expenses.